Chandelier Repairs & Restoration

Chandelier Restoration And Repair Samples


Below are examples of chandeliers that have been restored. If your chandelier is looking a bit tired, we can give it a new lease on life. Our restoration services include:

Cleaning: We can thoroughly clean your chandelier to restore its original sparkle and shine.
Complete Strip Down: For more extensive restoration, we can completely disassemble your chandelier.Polishing: We polish all the components to bring back their luster.
Re-lacquering: We apply a new lacquer to protect the polished surfaces and enhance their appearance.
Re-wiring: We can update the wiring of your chandelier to ensure it meets modern safety standards.
Replacing Bulb Holders: We can replace old bulb holders with ones that accommodate energy-efficient light bulbs.

Examples of Restored and Repaired Chandeliers

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The chandelier below unfortunately had a ceiling hook failure and came crashing down damaging the frame and losing some glass. It was repaired and missing glass sourced plus re-wired at the same time.

 damaged chandelier Repaired chandelier


This is one of a pair of crystal chandeliers, all the glass and crystals were cleaned, we then re-wired them with new lamp holders and candle tubes.

Crystal chandelier before restorationCrystal chandelier after restoration


This is one of 9 wrought iron chandeliers which came in for restoration. They were repainted, some missing rossets where cast and they were re-wired with new lamp holders.

chandelier before restorationchandelier after restoration


This brass and crystal bag style chandelier needed some tlc, all the crystals and glass were cleaned re-wired and pinned, the brass was cleaned polished and colour lacquer to give a gilt lacquer finish. New lamp holders were fitted and the chandelier was re-wired.

brass and glass chandelier before restorationbrass and glass chandelier after restoration


The glass and brass chandelier below came in with 3 broken glass arms, the glass arms were repaired along with the wiring been replaced the glass and metalwork was then cleaned.

glass and brass chandelier before restorationglass and brass chandelier after restoration


This 3 tear 30 arm brass chandelier was in need of some tlc. The metalwork was polished and lacquered, all the wiring was replaced along with some damaged bulb holders.

30 arm chandelier before restoration 30 arm chandelier after restoration


This silver 3 branch hanging light had old lacquer covering it which had gone yellow. The lacquer was removed and the oxidisation on the silver was cleaned off, the light was then re-wired.

Silver 3 branch   light before restorationSilver 3 branch light after restoration


This is one of a pair of small crystal and brass lighting pendants, they were looking a bit tied, the metalwork was polished and lacquered, the crystals were cleaned and some were re-pinned and finally they were rewired.

crystal and brass lighting pendentcrystal and brass lighting pendent


This silver hanging pendent below was very black with oxidation and there were some bits missing. First of all we cleaned all the metal parts revealing a lovely finish, then we fitted drip pans and wired it for light.

Silver pendent chandelier beforeSilver pendent chandelier after


This chandelier below was in need of restoration, it had missing elements which needed re-casting and some items which required repairing. It was completely dismantled cleaned and lacquered.

chandelier before restorationRestored chandelier


A customer had a pair of the chandeliers on the left and asked us to make a copy which was bigger and had more arms the results are the chandelier on the right.

Small brass   and copper chandelier new copper and brass chandelier