Lantern Restoration and Repair Samples.

Lantern Restoration and Repair Samples.

 If your lantern is looking a bit tired, we can give it a new lease on life. Whether it needs a thorough cleaning, a complete strip down, polishing, re-lacquering, or painting, we've got you covered. Our restoration process includes re-wiring and replacing bulb holders to accommodate energy-efficient light bulbs. Additionally, we can convert exterior lanterns into interior lanterns by fitting suspension hooks and interior lighting assemblies. Below, you will find some examples of lanterns that have been restored. Let us bring your lantern back to its former glory.


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This copper lantern came in for a few repairs and to made into a hanging lantern.

lantern before restorationlantern after restoration


This is one of a pair of bronze lanterns which needed a full restoration. They were striped and the old finish removed, missing items where cast or made, they were repainted and missing glass was cut and fitted.

bronze lantern before restoration bronze lantern after restoration


This copper lantern was in need of some tlc. All the old  paint was stripped of, the copper was repaired and cleaned, a patination was applied to give it an old copper look. A new lamp holder was made and the lantern was glazed with clear glass.

Copper lantern before restoration Copper lantern after restoration


This Victorian street lantern had a lot of damage to the up rights and base. All the paint was removed, all the steel rods in the uprights were replaced and the copper body repaired, a new post mount was made, the body was patinated to look old and finally it was glazed.

Lantern before restorationCopper lantern after restoration


The customer wanted this copper lantern to be restored and also be able to hang it inside. We fitted a lighting interior and a hook so it could suspended from the ceiling, finials were put on the bottom and then the whole lantern was tidied up, waxed and glazed.

copper lantern before restorationcopper lantern after restoration


One of a pair of Victorian lanterns that needed restoration. The body's had been damaged by high winds and needed straightening and the side supports soldering, then they were polished and lacquered, and then finally new glass was fitted.

lantern before restorationlantern after restoration


This is one of a pair of lanterns which  came in covered in old paint and damaged, it was repaired, polished and lacquered.

lantern before restorationRestored Lantern