Metalwork Repairs & Restoration


Below you will find an array of different examples of metal objects that have been repaired and restored.

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The customer wanted to hang this large clock on the wall and illuminate it. A frame was made from steel and painted, with light fittings around it.

large illuminated clocklarge illuminated clock


The garden object below had snapped through the leg, it was straightened out and the lead break was welded back together after a steel support pin was inserted.

Broken lead statuelead statue after repair



Lead garden item with its head broken off, it was lead welded back together.

lead garden object before repairlead garden object after repair


Below is a set of English Rose kitchen cabinets, the customer wanted then to be polished aluminium. The enamel finish was removed and the cabinets were polished.

English Rose cabinets before polishingEnglish Rose cabinets after polishing


Below is a tortoise table bell, the shell had broken at some point and was thrown away. We made one out of copper, it was patinated and waxed.

Tortoise table bell without shellTortoise table bell with   shell


This wrought iron console table was rusty with old paint falling off. The old finish was striped, the rust was cleaned off and it was finally waxed.

Wrought Iron Console Table Before RestorationWrought Iron Console Table After   Restoration


The chest below had a broken clasp and need some TLC.

Chest before restorationChest after restoration


Below is National cash register which had been dropped, we straightened it all out and replaced all the broken glass.

National Cash Register before restoraionNational Cash Register After   Restoration